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Jack & Laurie serve with Athletes in Action, (AIA), a ministry of Power to Change, Canada. After 25 years in pastoral ministry, Jack accepted a call in 2010 as a missionary with pro and amateur athletes in Canada.  Athletes in Action, Canada is dedicated to using the platform of sports to help athletes: Know (evangelize) and Experience (discipleship) Jesus Christ.  Sport has the power to unite community, transcend values, and defy culture. Jack served 7 years as a pro chaplain in Calgary and for the past 5 years has served as Director of AIA Staff Care & Development.  Jack can be found caring, counselling and praying with AIA staff across Canada. He also has a chance to evangelise with the different ministries of Athletes in Action: camp ministry, community ministries, varsity and Pro athletes, as well as assisting in international sport and tours.


AIA has allowed Jack to follow his passions in:

1) working with churches around Canada to equip and assist them in connecting with their local community through the universal language of sport and to better know how to care and provide for their missionaries.

2) using his giftings to teach,  preach and disciple throughout Canada. Jack and Laurie are grateful for the support of High River Baptist Church and the honour to serve as one of their missionaries.  Jack & Laurie live in Okotoks, AB.

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